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Gift Certificates by Mail

Pasaporto Cruise for Two Gift Certificate Additional Guests $20 per person (Up to 6 people)
Sunset Cruise for Two Gift Certificate Additional Guests $20 per person (Up to 6 people)
Caorlina Cruise Gift Certificate Up to 13 passengers. Gratuity is included (for this cruise only)
Additional Person Gift Certificate Select the Cruise for Two First


  • The perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion. Gift certificates can be purchased for the Pasaporto Cruise, Sunset Cruise, and Caorlina Cruise.
  • Order an elegant, fully customizable card stock gift certificate online or by phone. Additional passengers, wine, chocolate truffles, musicians, and gratuity can all be added to Gift Certificates.
  • The Pasaporto Cruise times are all the times, day and night, that are not the designated Sunset Cruise times.
  • The Sunset Cruise times are the peak cruise times that start as much as one and a half hours before the actual sunset and up to a half an hour after the sunset. It is possible that this cruise could end before sunset or start after the sunset.
  • The Caorlina Cruise┬áis a family style gondola cruise through the canals and waterways of the Coronado Cays. Up to 13 passengers can ride together on one boat.
  • Once you make a purchase, a Gift Certificate will be mailed to you and you can present it to your loved one however you like. Alternatively, you can have us mail it directly to the recipient.

Note: Gift certificates do not expire. The Pasaporto Cruise and the Sunset Cruise are not offered from February 10-18. Gift certificates are nonrefundable and nonnegotiable. Reservations are required.